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Click Here - August 2016 - Journal of Rheumatology

"Ability of a Urine Assay of Type II Collagen Cleavage by Collagenases to Detect Early Onset and Progression of Cartilage Degradation" A. Robin Poole, Nhuan Ha, Suzanne Bourdon, Eric C. Sayre, Ali Guermazi and Jolanda Cibere


IBEX Diagnostic Microtiter ELISA Assays

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All kits are 96 well plates.

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60-1001-001 Type II Collagen Cleavage Assay C2C - Collagen Type II Cleavage Assay GHS pictogram
60-1017 Type II Collagen Cleavage Assay IB-C2C-HUSA™ - IBEX C2C Human Urine Sandwich Assay
(strip plate)
GHS pictogram
60-1002-001 Type I & II Cleavage Assay C1,2C - Collagen Type I and II Cleavage Assay (Col 2 3/4C short antibody) GHS pictogram
60-1003-001 Type II Procollagen Synthesis Assay CPII - Procollagen Type II C-Propeptide Assay GHS pictogram
60-1004 CS846 Aggrecan Chondroitin Sulphate Epitope Assay CS846 - Aggrecan Chondroitin Sulfate 846 Epitope Assay GHS pictogram

IBEX Collagen Antibodies

In addition to commercially available ELISA kits, IBEX provides a number of individual collagen associated antibodies. Each kit consists of 50 µL of antibody


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Ab1320 - Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody


Aggrecan NITEGE neoepitope

Type IX Collagen Antibody
Rabbit polyclonal antibody


NC4 epitope:



C1-2C Antibody (Col 2 3/4C short Antibody)
Rabbit polyclonal antibody


Collagen GPPGPQG neoepitope