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IBEX manufactures and markets proteins for biomedical use through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, IBEX Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Montreal, QC) and Bio-Research Products, Inc. (North Liberty, IA).

IBEX Pharmaceuticals produces a family of high purity recombinant glycosaminoglycan (GAG) lyases, namely Heparinase I, Heparinase II, Heparinase III, Chondroitinase AC and Chondroitinase B.

Although these enzymes are available from the native strain of Flavobacterium heparinum (also known as Pedobacter heparinus), enzymes which are purified from the native strain will almost certainly contain cross-contaminants of other flavo enzymes. IBEX has developed a proprietary expression system in Flavobacterium heparinum and produces these enzymes at the highest purity. One of these enzymes, Heparinase I, rapidly and specifically neutralizes both unfractionated heparin as well as low molecular weight heparin, allowing baseline hemostasis to be monitored in the presence of these anticoagulants.

As a result, heparinase I is incorporated into disposables from a number of leading diagnostic companies, and is in development for additional diagnostic uses.

IBEX Pharmaceuticals also produces a series of arthritis assays used to detect collagen synthesis and degradation. These assays are widely used in osteoarthritis research.

Bio-Research Products, Inc. also produces enzymes for biomedical use, mainly as a contract manufacturer for diagnostic companies, but also as a manufacturer of research reagents. In addition to producing enzymes via bacterial fermentation, Bio-Research produces enzymes via botanical extraction.

IBEX Technologies is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (IBT-TSX).

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