C1,2C ELISA Collagen Type I and II Cleavage Assay

Cat. # 60-1002-001

Intended use:

The C1,2C ELISA kit measures cartilage degradation. This assay with specific polyclonal antibody recognizes the α-chain fragments containing an approximate 8 amino acid sequence from the carboxy terminus of the three-quarter length piece produced by collagenase cleavage (MMP-1, MMP-8, MMP-13) of type II collagen. C1,2C antibodies demonstrate affinity for similarly cleaved human type I collagen α-chains.

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Method:                      ELISA competitive inhibition, 96 wells

Sample type:              Optimized for serum (may also be used for synovial fluid, urine, cell culture, tissues)

Sample volume:        25 µL per replicate

Calibration range:     0.03 – 10 µg/mL

Incubation time:        2.5 hours

Species:                     Optimized for human (may also be used for various animal species)

Cross-reaction:         Negligible cross-reaction with uncleaved triple-helical and heat-denatured human types I and II collagen and intact or cleaved type II collagen alpha-chains