IBEX produces Enzymes for Clinical Diagnostics & Research.

At IBEX Technologies Inc. we manufacture and market reagents for use in medical devices and research.

IBEX also provides custom production services to the major players in the in-vitro diagnostic market including:

·      Seed Bank Creation

·      Fermentation and Biotransformation

·      Protein Purification

·          Protein Formulation

·          Filling of Device Components

·          Lyophilization

The company’s product line also comprises ELISA kits for osteoarthritis research.

The IBEX Pharmaceutical’s Quality Management System is certified ISO 13485:2016.

Business Overview of IBEX

IBEX Technologies Inc. is a publically traded company listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange (IBT.V).

The Company operates principally through  IBEX Pharmaceuticals Inc, (located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada). IBEX has been operational in Montreal since 1987.



IBEX has developed a proprietary expression for the production of our enzymes in Flavobacterium heparinum.  This expression system allows for producing each glycosaminoglycan (GAG) enzyme separately from other enzymes therefore achieving the highest purity using a well-defined proprietary purification scheme.

This minimizes the cross contamination of other glycosaminoglycan enzymes which can occur when enzymes are produced from the native strain of Flavobacterium heparinum (Pedobacter heparinus).

Collagen Assays

Collagen Assays


IBEX supplies a number of important tools for collagen research including:

  A series of ELISA’s for the measurement of collagen synthesis and degradation.

  A series of novel probes (collagen hybridizing peptides) for detecting total and unbound collagen for the development targeted diagnostics and therapies.

Lyophilized Medical Device Components

Lyophilized Medical Device Components

In addition to manufacturing enzymes, IBEX also fills and lyophilizes medical device components for major international diagnostic companies.

These device components are in combination with sophisticated instruments such as the TEG® 5000 Thrombelastograph® Hemostasis Analyzer system which provides comprehensive whole blood hemostasis testing that can help assess bleeding and thrombotic risks, and also monitor antithrombotic therapies.

GAG Enzymes are now available as Lyophilized Powder

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