Heparinase I, II, III

Using high purity enzymes will improve the quality of your results

IBEX produces a family of high purity recombinant glycosaminoglycan (GAG) lyases; among them are Heparinase I, Heparinase II, Heparinase III, which are widely used in research, the production of low molecular weight heparin, and in conjunction with clinical for haemostasis monitoring devices.

IBEX has developed a proprietary Flavobacterium heparinum  expression system which unlike other heparinase expression systems produces glycosylated enzymes.

Competitor enzymes purified from the native strain of Flavobacterium heparinum (also known as Pedobacter heparinus) will almost certainly contain cross-contaminants of other GAG enzymes.

Due to its high purity and reaction time IBEX Heparinase I is the only heparinase used in FDA and EU approved hemostasis-measuring Point Of Care devices.

The IBEX Quality Management System is Certified ISO 13485 for the Manufacturing of Enzymes sold as reagents or incorporated in diagnostic devices.