Contract Manufacturing Information Request.

This email form will direct your enquiry to the correct team. We are actively developing Contract Manufacturing in the following areas:

·         Seed Bank Creation

·         Fermentation and Biotransformation

·         Protein Purification & Formulation

·         Filling of device components

·         Filling of small containers

·         Lyophilization

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    IBEX Pharmaceutical’s primary business is the manufacture and selling of high purity enzymes for in-vitro diagnostics and research. The Company also makes and sell osteoarthritis kits (ELISA’s) for pre-clinical research. Additionally, IBEX Pharmaceutical provides important services to major in-vitro companies.

    The IBEX Pharmaceutical’s Quality Management System is certified ISO 13485:2016.

    IBEX Pharmaceuticals’ Heparinases Are Now Available In Freeze-Dried Powder Form!