CPII ELISA Collagen Type II Synthesis Assay

Cat. # 60-1003-001

Intended use:

The CPII ELISA kit measures type II collagen synthesis. This assay with polyclonal antibody to type II collagen measures intact carboxy propeptide which is cleaved from type II procollagen following the release of newly synthesized procollagen into the cartilage matrix.

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Method:                      ELISA competitive inhibition, 96 wells

Sample type:              Optimized for serum (may also be used for synovial fluid, urine, cell culture, tissues)

Sample volume:        25 µL per replicate

Calibration range:     50 – 2000 ng/mL

Incubation time:        4 hours

Species:                     Optimized for human (may also be used for various animal species)